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After the Nintendo Wii U is in front of the Nintendo Switch. In a press conference on 17 March 2015, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced a new Nintendo console with the provisional name “Nintendo NX”. To the fall of 2016 there is finally also an official announcement of the next Nintendo console. This will bear the name “Nintendo Switch”.

Finally, there is first information for all Nintendo friends. As has long been the case, Nintendo Switch is a mixture of handheld and stationary console.

Nintendo Switch: Release of the new Nintendo console

Apart from a first look at Sony’s new console, the announcing video does not provide much information yet. So neither games announcements nor technical specs can be seen in the video to Nintendo Switch. The video shows some games that are already available, including Splatoon and Skyrim. The device will be released in March 2017, and now you can book the new Nintendo console at Amazon.

The console consists of three components. The main unit is connected to the TV. An additional screen can be removed and used on the road. Here are two controllers. The controllers can either be attached to the screen or can be operated separately with two hands.

  • A Tegra processor with built-in graphic chipset from Nvidia is used.
  • For a local multiplayer, several Nintendo switch kjonsoles can be connected to each other.
  • A price for Nintendo Switch is not yet known.

These rumors have so far been the Nintendo Switch:

The Nintendo makers promise a brand new system, which will surprise and convince users. The controllers on the handheld console should be removable, according to Eurogamer the handheld has its own screen. Nintendo Switch is therefore to be a hybrid system, which can be used both for outdoor use and as a home console.

In addition to the new console, Nintendo also announces that it will be more active in the mobile market and develop mobile apps. It remains to be seen whether the new Nintendo console will move in similar casual areas or will be more directed to hardcore gamers than casual gamers, the announcement of Super Mario Run worried at least for many Freudriaren with iPhone owners.

Nintendo promises that 2017 20 million units of the console are to be delivered. In comparison, the PS4 from the release to date have sold 30 million units. The start of production was announced for the second quarter of 2016. Nintendo has officially announced a release date for Nintendo Switch. Fans of “Super Mario”, “Donkey Kong” and Co. are therefore looking forward to a new system in March 2017.


Nintendo Switch: Rumors about technical details

Nintendo Switch is to be closely linked with the newly announced “online member service”. This is a cross-platform service that connects Nintendo games to mobile devices, PCs and Nintendo platforms. The system developed together with the mobile games manufacturer DeNa is to replace the club Nintendo at the end of the year. According to the current production plans, Nintendo Switch will go into production this year. Nintendo is already planning to sell 20 million Nintendo Switch products for the first year. From the Wii U, 10 million consoles were sold in the first year. Nintendo also wants to provide new material for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners after the release of Nintendo Switch.

Already in October 2015, the first developer was equipped with the SDK, the software for game development. According to rumors, the new Nintendo console is to abandon an optical drive, rather cartridges are to celebrate a revival. In addition, one should rely heavily on the Games download. Also, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system designed for console for the living room and handheld device. The hardware should move on a level with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The mobile processor Nvidia Tegra is to be used. Earlier rumors that an Android OS is to be used in the new Nintendo console, were denied, Nintendo should put on their own solution. According to Eurogamer, there is no downward compatibility to older console generations from Nintendo. However, some classics and selected Wii U games are given.


The controller is not supposed to come with the usual common key buttons, but to support wheels at the top.

Nintendo Switch: No competition for PS4 and Xbox One?

On Twitter, the industry insider Tamaki asserts that the Nintendo Switch in terms of technology and performance of the PS4 and Xbox One can not reach the water. However, with these statements, caution is advised, an official statement from Nintendo to the technical details of the Nintendo switch does not exist, Tamaki refers to have spoken with “the right people”. Rumors, according to which Nintendo Switch should be based on Android, were however denied by the Japanese company.

Further details about the console can be found. So the new console is to access the existing Nintendo network. In addition, there will be an achievement system, through which own victories, progress and defeats can be shared with the community. Furthermore, Nintendo Switch should enable video calls. The survey also shows that the Nintendo Switch is a dual system, a console in conjunction with a handheld. Games should run with 900p at 60 frames. Like the current Wii U, the new Nintendo console is to be accompanied by a handheld. The price is geranztet with 199 US dollar. At the same time, there are statements that Nintendo Switch should not replace the current Wii and the Nintendo 3DS.


The new Nintendo console is not yet in sight, as the question now arises: “Is the Wii U dying?”


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