Super Mario 64 – The first world has hidden a secret for all these years

More than 20 years, Super Mario 64 is now old, but the classic still holds some secrets – for example, directly in the first world.

Super Mario Maker

The Mario franchise surprises us again and again.

Many of you are sure to remember how they turned to King Bob-Omb, the first boss in. When we defeated him, he left us our first star, to disappear, never to return. So it seems at least. But Mario’s fans are currently drawing attention to a detail that makes them doubt.If you want to play Super Mario 64 again then you will need eshop credits which you can get via eshop code generator.

On the way to King Bob-Omb, we have to pass a pit in which to roll back and forth. As soon as we have taken care of the boss, however, is added. The theory is that the sphere is King Bob-Omb.

It may sound far-fetched at first. But a conversation with a pink Bob-Omb provides a decisive clue. He explains that King Bob-Omb is nothing more than a “dudgeon” -that is basically only a black ball. Super Mario 64, by the way, only recently talked about it. Because hackers found that we could not possibly collect.

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