Pokémon Sun and Moon: Tips for your trip to the Alola region

Pokémon Sun and Moon has some features that you do not know from the past parts of the series. In this guide, we will give you some useful tips and tricks for the monster adventure, which you will surely win as the winner in the Alola region.


Aloha! Or rather: Alola! This is the name of the new region where you are in the sun and the moon in Pokémon. For the first time, you will no longer have to fight in arenas for coaches to receive orders. Rather, you explore the different islands of Alola and complete examinations. At the end of each test, however, there are struggles. If you have passed all the island tests, you can fight again against the top four, which may be known to you from the predecessors. In this guide to Pokémon Sun and Moon, we will show you tips and tricks that will not only be helpful to you at the beginning of the game.Also if you need free eshop codes you can get it on our homepage.

So you quickly earn money and experience in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

Pokémon Sun and Moon: basic tips and terms for the Alola region

As mentioned above, your goal is to master all island tests and later defeat the top four. Before that you must find and catch a lot of Pokémon as well as level your monsters in the team. Before you start your adventure in the Alola region, we will explain below the most important changes in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

  • Z attacks and Z crystals: In this part, Z attacks are introduced. These are extremely powerful attacks that your Pokémon can only perform once per battle. For this to happen, you must search for Z crystals that are distributed all over the world.
  • Zygarde cells and cores: Zygarde already know some fans from the sixth generation. The seventh is now a legendary Pokémon, which you can not easily catch. Rather, you must find Zygarde cells and cores and put them together.
  • New starter Pokémon: In the new generation you have to choose between three Pokémon. This time we have Bauz (plant / flight), Flamiau (fire) and Robball (water).
  • Rotom Pokédex: This Pokédex is no longer a technical device, but a Pokémon. It is Rotom, which existed before the seventh generation. The new Pokédex has a map that also shows you wild monsters in different regions. In addition, you can search Pokémon by photo or read QR codes.
  • QR code scanner: If you have a Pokémon caught, you can have a QR code. Other players can read the Pokémon in their Pokédex. This works differently, of course. Maximum ten Pokémon per day. After this number you will be shown the location of a special Pokémon, which will be available for an hour at this location.
  • Island kings, protection patrons, and ultra-stature: A total of four islands are to be found in the Alola region. Each island has its own island kings, against which you must fight at the end of the tests. Protectors are Pokémon, which protect the island and its inhabitants. You will also have to fight against them. Even ultra-beasts must be defeated. They threaten the islands and represent the bosses in the sun and the moon.
  • Alola-Forms: From time to time you encounter monsters from the first generation, but they look a little funny. These are the alola forms of the monsters. Most of the Pokémon changes only in appearance, while some Pokémon have quite different types.
    Super special training: This training costs you bottle caps and will be at – Attention! – Mr. Super Special held. With this method, you increase the attributes of your monsters when they and also those above Level 100.
    With these tips to become the Poké champion
    First, you have to complete the tutorial part of the game and read through an infinite number of textboxes. To make this faster, you should first navigate to the settings. Press X, then Options. Then select text speed 3, so you can skip the introduction faster and come to the important part of the game. Within this tutorial, which will cost you about an hour of time, you will get the Pokédex and the improved form with Rotom. You will also get the QR code scanner and an EP divider. If you equip him, each Pokémon gets experience points in your team after a fight or catch. Below you will find more tips:
    Do not get potions or healing objects at the beginning! You will find some items in the world. They look like Poké balls. In addition, you can heal your Pokémon after a fight by using it. After a fight you will see this option on the bottom screen. If you keep it, you will heal your Pokémon from all the negative status effects.
    By the way, you should often pet your Pokémon. If your monsters get enough attention, the friendship value increases. This is a hidden value that you can not see. Some Pokémon do not develop until your relationship is advanced. You see all the conditions for development elsewhere.
    In addition, you can find Potions, Poké balls and co. Also in invisible places. See also in blank corners and press A.
    If you lose a fight, do not just wake up at the next Pokémon Center, but you will also have to pay a penalty. So save yourself from the most important battles and make a reset with L and R to restart.
    Run as high as possible through high grass to fight against different Pokémon. If you face a known monster in a coach fight, you will be shown how your attack is effective. It is irrelevant whether you used this attack first against the monster in the high grass.
    Plays at different times a day. Some Pokémon develop only at night or can be caught only at a late hour. The time in the game depends on the one you have specified in the 3DS.
    Speak with all the NPCs who run your way. They sometimes have side charges for you, which reward you with a lot of money. After about half of the game, you come to a beach where you find a prickly monster that is partially covered with sand. Right next to you, you should talk to the rescue swimmer. Complete his assignment and receive $ 20,000.
    If you use the Café, which you find in the different centers, you will not only get cheap drinks. If you buy a refreshment, you get a free healing item and Pokébohnen, which taste your monsters. In almost every city you will find a shopping center and a hairdresser. Here you can customize your hairstyle and clothes. But since both can be very expensive, we advise you to make these purchases only after you have purchased enough items and accumulated a lot of money.