How to get Free Nintendo eshop card?

Do you need extra Nintendo eShop credit but you do not have a credit card? Here you can quickly and easily get a free Nintendo eShop Card, which you can redeem directly to your Nintendo eShop account. You will receive within seconds your Nintendo eShop code, so you don't need to wait! Our Nintendo eShop Code Generator allows any user to generate free Nintendo eShop codes. To generate an eShop code, simply enter a valid e-mail address and select a value. Then click on "Start" and let our generator do the rest. You can see the Nintendo eShop code immediately after using our eShop code generator. You will also receive an email with the code and the confirmation for it. You can redeem Nintendo eShop Card code directly, so you can purchase in-game content within seconds using Nintendo eShop!


What is a Nintendo eShop Card?

Nintendo eShop Card is a prepaid gift card, which you buy in the store. The Nintendo eShop Cards are codes that you need to exchange to increase your eShop credit. These codes can be bought directly, without having to store! So you can buy quick and easy games and DLCs in Nintendo stores. Think of the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop and of course the Nintendo eShop. What could be easier! If your Nintendo eShop Card have received you can redeem this directly on Nintendo eShop account to increase your balance with the Nintendo eShop code. And all this in a flash behind your computer.

Easy to use
Just follow the steps shown above, our system guarantees a valid code per beneficiary. As easy as counting 1, 2, 3.
Developed for browser
NO downloads. We developed a system that grants the codes hosted in our system, so users do NOT need to download anything. What makes it 100% SAFE.
Constant Updates
We regularly reload our databases with NEW codes, in addition to constantly updating our system, making constant efforts to enjoy fully VALID codes.


Is there someone's birthday soon? Or deserves someone you know just a gift? You can now choose when you get your Nintendo eShop Card to print your Nintendo eShop code gorgeous gift wrap. Quickly and easily arranged a gift for your loved one. For other topics, there is gift wrap. Think for example Christmas and a colorful rainbow format. This makes the Nintendo eShop Gift Card is always appropriate for every situation. Want to know more about eShop codes or you have any issue using or website? Contact us now or read our Blog above!

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Nintendo redeem code

You can redeem the code via your Nintendo console or handheld. You need a Nintendo eShop account to redeem the code. Use our Redeem, the automatic link exchange or swap.

How to enter Nintendo code manually:

Log in with your account on your Nintendo 3DS
Click on the eShop icon in the Home menu
Select the 'Credit supplement'.
Click "Credit supplement with a Nintendo eShop Card '
Enter the Nintendo eShop code
Click 'OK'

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